Qt Developer Days 2014 Slides: A Solid Back End for a Solid Qt Mobile Application

My second presentation at Qt Developer Days 2014 in San Francisco was about how to build a scalable and reliable server side application with Qt Cloud Services using PaaS (Platform as a Service).


Nowadays many mobile applications are relying more and more on server-side applications. Setting up servers and deploying a server-side application can be hard and time-consuming, but it has not to be.

Qt Cloud Services contains three different services that can be utilised to implement a robust and scalable server-side solution easily. Managed Application Runtime (MAR) is used to deploy and run applications on the cloud, Enginio Data Stroage (EDS) can be used to store data and Managed WebSocket (MWS) service makes it possible to send and receive WebSocket messages. By combining these three services it is possible to build and deploy a server-side solution without configuring any server machine.

In this presentation an example Qt mobile application demonstrates how to implement a real-time Twitter stream provided by a server-side application that is running on MAR. The server-side application stores tweets to EDS and sync new tweets to the client via WebSocket protocol.

This presentation covers:
– overview of MAR, EDS and MWS services
– basics how to create MAR, EDS and MWS instances
– example how to implement a server-side application that stores data to EDS and provides an API.
– example how to deploy the application to MAR
– example how to connect to the server-side application from Qt client application
– example how to send data to the client application with MWS.


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